9 in 10 opposed to changes to MOT testing frequency

19th December 2011

The vast majority of motorists are opposed to proposals that would increase the amount of time between MOT testing, according to the results of a government consultation.

More than nine in ten people responding about the topic were opposed to plans, which propose reducing the frequency of MOT checks.

The MOT issue was raised as part of a wider consultation on vehicle safety and standards, as part of a review of existing road transport regulations that was launched earlier this year.

Approximately three-quarters of all respondents raised the MOT issue, but only five per cent of this number was in favour of changing the frequency.

A spokesperson for the Pro-MOTe campaign said: "The results of the government's own red tape challenge are telling.

"Ministers mistakenly believed that reducing the frequency of MOT testing would prove popular with motorists. But now we see that their own consultation last summer demonstrated overwhelming opposition to it."

In total, 203 of the 220 (92.3 per cent) responses mentioning the MOT frequency change were against the idea, while only ten people were for it (4.5 per cent).

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