98% of drivers confused by dashboard lights

1st August 2013

Modern vehicles are becoming more and more complex and it seems the various bells and whistles can cause confusion among motorists, particularly when things go wrong.

A survey conducted by Britannia Rescue found that 98 per cent of drivers do not understand what the most common warning or information lights on a car dashboard actually mean, which can lead to them driving around in a vehicle with considerable defects and problems.

Tyre pressure, engine emission and fog light indicators were deemed to be some of the most confusing aspects of the warning light systems.

Almost three-quarters (71 per cent) did not recognise the tyre pressure warning light when it was shown to them, with one-in-twenty respondents believing it was something to do with an oil or brake issue.

Peter Horton, Britannia Rescue managing director, said: "If a warning symbol lights up, you should stop in a safe place as soon as possible and check what the problem is. Keep your vehicle manual handy so that you can easily check what that symbol means as well as what action to take."

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