AA Insurance offer motoring flood advice

12th July 2012

With the past two weeks bringing torrential downpours and hail, director of AA Insurance Simon Douglas offered some advice for drivers facing the difficult road conditions.

According to the firm, which provides automobile cover for motorists across the UK, the past 14 days have brought a surge in the number of claims made.

Initial estimates by AA Insurance suggest that as many as 14,000 cars have been seriously damaged or written off due to the adverse weather conditions, at a cost of around £35 million

While hail stones in areas of the East Midlands have proven particularly dangerous, Mr Douglas noted that the wet weather has affected the entire country.

"We have dealt with a large number of claims for cars affected by floodwater," he said.

"Again, insurers usually write cars off that have been submerged because electronic systems are likely to be affected, while brakes and engine components may also be damaged beyond repair."

Mr Douglas called on drivers to keep their speed down, while being careful to avoid fast-moving water.

The car insurance expert also warned of the dangers of aquaplaning – when tyres lose contact with the road. In these instances, motorists are advised to hold the steering wheel lightly and lift off the throttle until car tyres grip again.

Above all else, in the event of a breakdown, he advised drivers against propping open their bonnet while waiting for help as this could affect the electrics.

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