AA: Insurers should not punish drivers for fitting winter tyres

10th October 2011

UK insurance firms should not punish drivers for fitting winter tyres, according to the AA.

Last year, many insurers considered fitting cold weather tyres as modifying a vehicle and therefore increased premiums or withdrew cover as a result.

However, Simon Douglas, director of AA Insurance, criticised this move as it penalises motorists who are merely attempting to be safety-conscious over the winter months.

He said: "It is ludicrous for an insurer to penalise a driver for fitting winter tyres, given that doing so both underlines a responsible approach to safety by the driver as well as reducing the likelihood of a collision."

Mr Douglas added that drivers should not even have to inform their insurer about their decision to buy winter tyres if they have been fitted professionally and meet the car manufacturer's specification.

A report by AA underlined the perils of driving in cold weather, with the AA dealing with 22 per cent more claims than average on December 17th last year. 

Posted by Danielle Barge