ABD condemn Dartford toll rise

23rd May 2012

The Association of British Drivers (ABD) has hit out at government plans to increase the charge for using the popular Dartford crossing, branding the decision as “outrageous”.

Under new proposals unveiled by the Department for Transport, the price for crossing tolls for at Dartford is set for a 33 per cent increase from October this year.

However in addition to this, the government is also set to introduce a further 25 per cent increase to the toll price, which will also come into effect from October.

The move has been met with anger by ABD chairman Brian Gregory, who described it as a bitter blow to those using the crossing at present.

“At a time when we should be assisting mobility to get the economy back on its’ del feet, the government gives another kick to the hard pressed driver,” he said.

Mr Gregory added that in doing so, the government had also failed to stick to it’s original promise of offering a permanently free crossing when the costs of repairing the toll bridge were repaid back in 2003.

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