ABD condemns unauthorised road signage

11th July 2012

The Association of British Drivers (ABD) has criticised the introduction of fake road signs by special 'Community Speedwatch' partnerships across the UK.

These new signs, which take the form of special 30 mile-an-hour speed limit symbols, have appeard on neighbourhood wheelie bins across the country, with road safety enthusiasts eager to encourage motorists to slow down and take care in built up areas.

The project has so far won support from police and council members, but the ADB has warned that the practice could be inappropriate and illegal.

Commenting on the practice, spokesman and former highways engineer Malcolm Heymer warned that it was also dangerous and made a mockery of the signage rules currently in place.

"There are strict rules in place for roadside signage, including the frequency and placement of all speed limit signs," he said.

"Signs that do not conform to the regulations are not legal and can cause distraction, possibly leading to a vital warning sign or hazard being missed."

He added that while the ABD did not necessarily disagree with the sentiment, the signs were in contravention of the regulations in place.

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