ABD hits out at Thames Valley Police clamp down plans

17th April 2012

The Association of British Drivers (ABD) has hit out at Thames Valley Police plans to implement a clamp down on speeding along UK roads.

This new enforcement measure comes as part of a Europe-wide focus on reducing the speeds motorists reach on roads across the continent.

It is hoped that the new initiative will reduce the number of accidents as well as reducing any serious collisions and the subsequent vehicle damage witnessed as a result of this.

Tyres are another notable casualty of high speed driving, with treads likely to wear away at a quicker rate when driving and breaking at high speed.

Despite the new focus on speed though, ABD chairman Brian Gregory has criticised the new enforcement plans as being neither sensible or effective policing.

He called on the police force to focus on the root causes of road accidents.

"Exceeding a speed limit, while illegal, does not of itself cause accidents," he said.

"Too high a speed for the conditions is dangerous, regardless of the speed limit, and most accidents are due to poor judgement or inattention. These are the issues the police should be concentrating on."

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