ABD praise Michigan speed limit practices

1st May 2012

Michigan State police officers have won praise from the Association of British Drivers for their practices in setting a safe speed limit on roads in the US.

The commendation comes after it was revealed that authorities in the state had successfully lowered the average fatality rate for motorists in the region, compared with other states, by an impressive 25 per cent over the last year.

According to those involved, the key to this safety improvement has come through setting speed limits around what they call the 85th percentile, which is the speed that 85 per cent of drivers do not exceed.

This method was previously used in the UK, prior to its replacement with the current average system, which was first introduced by the Labour government. The UK system has since garnered criticism though for what some describe as the criminalisation of the natural driving speed of almost 50 per cent of motorists.

ABD chairman Brian Gregory believes that the UK should revert back to the old system putting it "in the hands of the expert engineers and officers" rather than "pandering to the demands of an inexpert public minority for political reasons".

The group has long called for the reintroduction of the 85th percentile rule, whether its calls are lis-tened to, remains to be seen.

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