Are your tyres ready for the Easter weekend?

Are your tyres ready for the Easter weekend? 27th March 2015

The upcoming bank holidays in the UK will be some of the most welcome of the year for Brits, with many seeing the Good Friday and Easter Monday days off as their first chance to get away for a little break in 2015. 

For many people, it will mean heading off to somewhere in the UK for the long weekend, and with this in mind, road safety charity TyreSafe has urged British drivers to make sure they have checked the health of their tyres before they hit the road. 

As families get ready to head off, there will be many things they'll want to check they've packed for their holiday, but TyreSafe said it is just as important to remember to check their tyres. In the modern age, it added, it's more important than ever when driving long distances, with less than eight per cent of new cars now being fitted with a spare tyre. Those who check and have new tyres fitted before they travel will therefore have much less chance of being stuck and having to call for assistance. 

So, before you make your packing checklist and start filling the suitcase for your Easter getaway, have you made sure your tyre checklist is ticked off? We look at some of the most important checks you need to carry out. 

Tyre tread and condition: Always the most important thing to check, regardless of the journeys you are expecting to take, but before a long journey it's especially important to make sure your tyres are in good condition. A quick visual check for cuts and bulges will be the first thing to check, while you will also need to make sure your tyres have the minimum legal UK tread depth of 1.6mm around the whole of the tyre to ensure they keep you safe on the road. 

Tyre pressure: When you're going away with the family, remember that your recommended tyre pressure could change. If you have the whole family plus your luggage, your car will be carrying a heavier load than normal, so ensure you have checked the recommended pressure for that load in your car's handbook in order to make sure they perform optimally and safely. 

Spare tyre: Many cars do not come with a spare tyre now, but if your car does, don't neglect it when you're carrying out your checks. Making sure it is in full working order and properly will mean that you are not left at the side of the road in an emergency. And if your car doesn't have a spare, it can be a good idea to just read your car's handbook so that you know how to use repair kits in the case of an emergency. 

Posted by Danielle Barge