As winter weather continues, drivers warned to take care

As winter weather continues, drivers warned to take care 22nd January 2015

Motorists across the UK are being warned to take care on the roads, as the adverse winter weather conditions persist nationwide towards the weekend. 

While last week saw drivers subjected to high winds while out and about, the past few days have seen conditions worsened by frost, snow and ice, making surfaces slippy and necessitating the need for greater care to be taken on the roads. 

For much of the north of England, snow has been prevalent since late on Tuesday night (January 20th), causing numerous accidents across the northern counties, while in Scotland frost has become a real problem. 

In the Scottish Highlands, the temperature even dropped as low as -12C earlier this week, which was the coldest winter day in a number of years. 

RAC spokesperson Simon Williams said that it is the variety and unpredictable nature of the current weather conditions that makes it so difficult for drivers to navigate the roads. 

"The current 'see-saw' weather that the UK is experiencing – mild, wet and windy one day, cold with snow and ice the next – is a challenging mix for drivers," he said.

Mr Williams also advised that for those who are planning to drive – be it on the morning commute or further afield – the key to staying safe is to keep up to date with the latest forecasts to remove the element of unpredictability from journeys. 

Drivers would also be well served by making sure their car is in good working order. The RAC advises that checks should include making sure that coolant level is right, as well as checking the health of wiper blades, which can be priceless for visibility when it comes to driving on wet and muddy roads if debris is kicked up by cars in front. 

Finally, you should also be checking the condition of your tyres to prevent skidding on the road. Use a 20p coin to make sure the tread is deep enough and look at all tyres for signs of damage such as any bulges or cuts. If the tyres are not in good condition, have new tyres fitted as soon as possible. 

Posted by Danielle Barge