ATS Euromaster team up with Michelin for tyres help

5th April 2012

MOT test and tyre fitting experts ATS Euromaster has teamed up with Michelin and Eurotunnel Le Shuttle in a bid to ensure motorists travelling to the continent this Easter have correctly inflated compounds.

Michelin and ATS Euromaster have combined for the new “Fill up with Air” road show at the Eurotunnel Le Shuttle terminal in Folkestone today (April 5th) and tomorrow.

Open from 7am to 3.30pm, the special event will be offering free tyre safety inspections for any vehicles departing for France.

Utilising a team of seven tyre specialists, tyres will be checked for tread depth and pressure as well as undergoing an examination for any potential bulges, lumps or tears to the sidewalls that could prove hazardous.

The ATS Euromaster-backed initiative will also be offering on-site puncture repairs for damaged compounds, in order to ensure holidays remain disruption free.

Group operations director Chris Hufflett called on motorists to ensure they thoroughly checked tyres before travelling, warning that simply inflating compounds to a normal level may not be enough.

“Driving a fully laden car on tyres inflated to the normal setting will compromise handling and mean stopping distances increase dramatically,” he said.

“It will also see tyre wear rise and punctures will be more likely.”

Posted by Danielle Barge