Average MOT test cost rising, says RAC

9th March 2012

The cost of repairing a car that has failed its MOT test has almost doubled over the last 18 months on average according to the results of new RAC research.

According to the results of the survey, which was conducted in conjunction with Halfords, those failing an MOT were hit by a bill of £143 on average.

This was up to almost double the average cost of £82 seen 18 months go.

The survey showed that approximately 11 million motorists were found to be unprepared for a visit to one of the UK's many MOT test centres.

With new tyres already providing a regular cost for UK motorists, the figures highlight the latest burden on drivers.

The survey showed that 18 per cent of drivers gave their vehicles a quick "glance" before the MOT test while 23 per cent simply hoped it would pass.

In all, 40 per cent of vehicles failed this year, in comparison with 37 per cent in 2009, representing a rise of around 930,000 cars.

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