Avoid damage to tyres by refreshing Highway Code knowledge, says RoSPA

19th January 2012

Drivers could avoid accidents and damage to tyres by updating their knowledge of the Highway Code, according to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).

Car accidents are a major cause of damage to car components like exhausts, batteries and brakes, leaving many drivers forced to seek assistance from qualified garages.

However, RoSPA believes some accidents could be avoided if vehicle owners revised their knowledge of the Highway Code on a regular basis.

RoSPA head of road safety Kevin Clinton called on more drivers to revise these important safety guidelines, during a recent interview.

"It’s important to maintain and update our driving abilities because it’s very easy to become a bit complacent about our driving, and the Highway Code and road environments change over time," he said.

"Most drivers would benefit from refresher driver training which can help them to enjoy their driving more while making them safer on the road."

The suggestion comes after research revealed that around two thirds of British motorists admit to feeling confused by basic road signs on almost a daily basis.

In many of these instances, drivers confess to simply following the car in front when they are not sure what to do, even if this puts tyres and other car parts at risk of potential damage.

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