Avoid part-worn tyre purchases, warns safety group

25th April 2012

Drivers should avoid the purchase of part-worn compounds at any coast, according to campaign group TyreSafe.

A growing number of UK motorists are opting for part-worn tyres in a bid to reduce the amount they spend on their cars.

However, startling new research from the compound safety campaigners has revealed that in the majority of instances, drivers may be putting themselves at further risk.

Tyresafe purchased a random sample of 50 part worn tyres, as part of a month-long nationwide investigation into their safety.

These random compounds were then inspected by an independent expert – with concerning results. According to the researcher, 98 per cent of these tyres were not fit for road use and were being sold illegally.

More alarming still, the study found that over a third of the compounds reviewed contained some form of damage or non-compliance that could prove dangerous.

Tyresafe chairman Stuart Jackson urged motorists to think before they make the purchase, asking themselves if "the risk of buying part worn tyres is really worth it?"

"Not only are drivers putting their own lives at risk, but they are also endangering their passengers, which in many cases may be their children, and other road users," he warned.

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