Avon calls on motorcyclists to get their tyres right

20th June 2012

Avon Tyres technical product manager for motorcycle tyres Peter McNally has urged bikers to ensure the compounds they fit to their bikes are appropriate.

The call comes as a warning to  riders who 'over-tyre' their bikes – a term that refers to the situation where race tyres have been fitted to machines that are only being used on the road.

As Mr McNally explained, in many instances these more advanced compounds may not get up to the proper working temperature, while other high performance Avon tyres, for instance, are designed to last longer and work more effectively across a broader range of temperatures.

"In many cases people may follow the well-intentioned but sometimes erroneous advice of friends, or journalists who may have used or tested the tyres solely on track, or in very different conditions than those found on UK roads," he said.

The compound chief also advised motorcyclists to keep an eye on the weather, with any change in temperature or rainfall likely to signal the need to change the tyres you are currently using for a more suitable type.

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