Avon Tyres expands its reach in the motorsport world

8th February 2013

High-quality tyre manufacturer Avon Tyres has announced that it will be playing a major part in the French Rallycross Championship in the years to come.

This is after it was revealed that the company has secured a deal to become the prestigious tournament's sole tyre supplier for the next three years.

Details of the new partnership were finalised between Avon Tyres and the French Rallycross Championship's organisers the AFOR and the Federation Francaise du Sport Automobile (FFSA) earlier this week.

With the contract, Avon Tyres will request for its French distributor Sodipneu to deliver the relevant tyre models to the event's Supercar and Super 1600 classes. What's more, the deal means that Avon Tyres can become associated with both the French Rallycross Cup and the Twingo R1 Rallycross Cup tournaments.

Commenting on the new partnership, Paul Coates, the general manager of Avon Tyres Motorsport, was keen to stress his belief that rallycross in general is an emerging sport that has plenty of potential in the years ahead.

"Rallycross is a sport which is really growing in stature and the extra divisions in French Rallycross make the championship more accessible, which can only be a good thing for the sport and for Avon," Mr Coates underlined.

"France is a key market for us and it has a wonderful, rich history in rallycross, so we're very pleased to become sole supplier for the next three years."

Those associated with both the Supercar and Super 1600 classes of the French Rallycross Championship also stressed that they were pleased to see that the same machinery supplied to the European Rallycross Championship is now also being presented to the French leg of the up-and-coming motorsport.

Avon Tyres has certainly dominated in the European Rallycross Championship scene, having supplied its tyres to that particular tournament's competitors for the past 20 years and counting.

Meanwhile, the French Rallycross first entered onto the motorsport scene back in 1976, when the inaugural race took place at the world-famous Loheac circuit. The popularity of this event was clear and a full French Rallycross Championship was established the following year as a result of this instant success.

Today, the tournament is recognised as a fully-established national championship, with Avon Tyres' involvement sure to help the event go even further.

Established in 1904, Avon Tyres has progressed to the point of fitting the highest quality products to a wide variety of vehicles, which range from cars and motorcycles to vans and trailer units.

As the company states on its mission statement: "Today, Avon's century of tyre-making experience is combined with the very latest design and manufacturing technology. Add in a punishing test regime and you can see why Avon makes tyres of unparalleled quality and ability."

With the company recording plenty of success in the motoring world, it was only a matter of time before the firm began to look at tapping into other avenues. Arguably the most triumphant expansion undertaken by Avon Tyres has been with the formation of its Avon Tyres Motorsport division.

The stats say it all where it comes with the reach that this department has in the racing industry right now – Avon Tyres Motorsport supplies products to more than 150 championships around the globe.

As evident by the new deal between the tyre supplier and the French Rallycross Championship, Avon Tyres is still looking for areas of expansion to this day.

What's more, this particular contract comes shortly after the firm announced to the world that it will now also be the official tyre supplier to the Swedish GT Series.

As part of this deal, Avon Tyres has been tasked with supplying tyres to the GT3 class, the GTA division and the GTB specification across all six rounds of the tournament.

Picking up on Avon Tyres' partnership with the Swedish GT Series, Paul Coates said: "We're extremely pleased to have agreed an exclusive deal with the Swedish GT Series.

"The series is set to go from strength to strength this season and it's very exciting for us to increase our GT involvement further by entering another key market for the Avon brand."

Motorsport fans can catch the 2013 Swedish GT Series when the tournament gets underway in Knutstorp over the dates of May 3rd and 4th. The ten-round French Rallycross Championship begins its own 2013 season shortly afterwards, in Essay, Normandy, on May 18th.

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Posted by Danielle Barge