Bald tyres most common fault among ‘illegal’ drivers

16th March 2012

Nearly a quarter of motorists are driving cars that have a defect rendering them illegal, according to new research from Britannia Rescue.

The figures showed that one in seven motorists said their car was in need of repair with one in five admitting to having driven a car without the necessary MOT test certification.

According to the research, bald and faulty tyres was the most common problem, with faulty brakes, broken windscreen wipers, missing wing mirrors and defective brake lights also cited.

Interestingly, around 15 per cent of those surveyed stated they were unaware it was illegal to drive a car with bald tyres.

This comes despite police data noting that defective tyres were the most common offence picked up among motorists.

Despite the presence of these faults, motorists waited an average of four months to fix these issues,  with two in five arguing it is just too expensive to repair their car.

Institute of Advanced Motoring director of policy and research Neil Greig said: “In 2010, poorly maintained vehicles caused 52 road deaths.

"Neglecting maintenance only leads to bigger repair bills later on, lower second-hand values and increased fuel consumption."

Posted by Danielle Barge