Basic checks imperative, says Caravan Club

28th March 2012

Ensuring drivers undertake a basic check of caravan tyres and other vehicle parts is crucial to ensuring caravan travel safety this Easter.

That is according to Martin Spencer, technical manager of the Caravan Club, who issued the warning as part of a reminder to caravanners to be vigilant when travelling over the holidays.

The advice comes after data from five years of targeted roadside checks revealed that 15 per cent of caravans examined had issues with overloading.

This research also showed that 40 per cent of caravanners were not fitted with the proper towing mirrors for safe travel.

Maintaining caravan tyres also remains an issue for UK holidaymakers, with UK drivers required to maintain a tread depth of at least 1.6 millimetres.

They advised drivers to ensure they take a spare tyre, and regularly check the pressure of their compounds in order to avoid any potential accidents.

“Easter is the first time of the year that the majority of caravan owners take to the road and it is imperative that basic checks are carried out to ensure the safety of all road users,” Mr Spencer said.

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