Belfast ice rink display demonstrates winter tyre efficacy

29th August 2012

The Northern Ireland region of the National Tyre Distributors Association (NTDA) will today (August 28th 2012) hold a special demonstration of how fitting winter tyres will make a big difference during the colder months on the horizon.

Taking place on the ice rink at Belfast's Odyssey venue, the event will see two seasoned motorsport racers putting cars through their paces on the treacherous ice.

The vehicles will be identical except for their tyres – one will sport premium summer tyres not suited to icy conditions, while one will show off the superior grip and control of winter tyres.

"It may seem strange to be thinking about winter tyres in August, but in a few months, temperatures will be falling and that's when winter tyres come into their own – they are not just for snowy conditions but provide extra grip when the temperature is below 7ºC," said NTDA director Richard Edy.

"The prudent motorist will make sure his car is prepared for the bad weather before it arrives," he added.

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