Beware of BBQ booze, warns IAM

31st May 2012

With motorists likely to be indulging in summer parties over the next few weeks, the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has called for caution, when it comes to consuming alcohol and getting behind the wheel.

Speaking ahead of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee weekend, IAM head of training Simon Elstow offered drivers some simple tips to avoid any potential drink drive problems.

Firstly, he called for motorists to scrap any ideas of having one or two drinks to avoid being over the limit, as home measures can often be larger and research shows even  one small drink is enough to increase natural fatigue.

Secondly, he warned drivers to stay vigilant of pedestrians, who may be worse for wear, and as a result unpredictable, when walking in built-up areas.

Mr Elstow also recommended anyone drinking more than they expected to take a taxi or arrange a lift. This advice also extends to situations where a friend may be planning to drive while inebriated. In these instances, organising a taxi or lift for them is the best course of action.

Finally, he warned drivers to be wary of driving after a drinking session the night before, as they may still be over the limit and also called on motorists to avoid bending to peer pressure when it comes to driving friends and family home rather than paying for a taxi.
The latter is always the best option.

“The summer is a time of festivals, BBQs and outdoor events, which often call for celebrations and drinks," he said.

"But the summer sees a rise in drink-drive casualties too. Enjoy yourself and leave the car at home. Gin and tonic mix well – drinking and driving don’t.”

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