Beware of cut ‘n’ shut bargains, says expert

6th June 2012

When looking to purchase a used car, customers must be careful not to be taken in by a bargain price, with checks on the history of the car crucial before making a deal

That was the advice offered by HPI, the vehicle history experts, as the prices attached to used cars on the market hit record highs.

With so many different cars to choose from in these difficult economic times, some customers can be forgiven for looking primarily at the price of the vehicle.

However, as HPI consumer director Kristian Welch explains, failure to be vigilant could leave drivers with potentially lethal cut 'n' shut vehicles.

These creations occur when two written-off cars of the same make and model are welded together to form what appears to be a complete car, which is then sold on at a cheap price.

"Cut ‘n’ shut vehicles are fundamentally dangerous because the integrity of the car’s structure has been altered, significantly weakening its ability to withstand any impact in an accident,” Ms Welch explained.

“In some instances, cut ‘n’ shuts have been known to actually break into two when involved in a collision, so consumers really need to take steps to protect themselves, their passengers and other road users.”

She called on motorists to check bodywork carefully before purchasing and to seek MOT check information and VIN number paperwork before purchasing.

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