Beware of fatigue when driving, says GEM

13th June 2012

Breakdown cover specialists GEM Motoring Assist has called on drivers to issue caution when driving, with fatigue remaining an important consideration on any journey.

The firm is eager to highlight these dangers through the launch of a new video advising motorists on how best to avoid fatigue when driving.

Research shows that while drivers are unsurprisingly most tired at the wheel between 3am and 5am, just as many fatigue-related crashes are reported in the period running from 2pm to 4pm.

The new video advises drivers to ensure they get plenty of rest before driving, avoid alcohol, take regular breaks and watch out heavy meals before journeys.

It also recommends sharing long journeys with another driver or organising overnight stops for long trips while caffeinated drinks were advised for boosting energy, though GEM did note that they take around 20 minutes to have an effect.

David Williams  the chief executive of GEM Motoring Assist, said: “Even the slightest feeling of fatigue can impair your ability to concentrate and focus and, in some cases, can have fatal consequences when behind the wheel.

"We’ve created this video to encourage drivers to embark on long journeys only when they are at their most comfortable and prepared.”

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