Bikers encouraged to check tyres at the start of the spring season

3rd April 2013

Ahead of spring, TyreSafe is calling for bikers to make a ‘PACT’ with their tyres as they hit the road this season. The ‘PACT’ campaign is designed to remind bikers of the importance of tyre care and the role it plays in maximising grip, fuel economy and enjoyment.

‘PACT’ stands for performance, air pressure, condition and tread depth: imperative checks for riders hoping to take advantage of warmer weather.

Stuart Jackson, TyreSafe’s chairman, emphasised the need for ‘PACT’ in the early stages of spring. He said: “It’s particularly critical to make sure tyres are safe and legal at the start of spring after any periods of inactivity.”

Throughout winter, most bikes are kept in storage, where cold temperatures cause tyre pressure to decrease. It’s important for bikers to restore appropriate pressure levels, otherwise their tyres will suffer from excessive wear and tear, and manoeuvring on the road may become difficult.

‘PACT’ inspections can give riders the assurance they need to hit the road this season.

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Posted by Danielle Barge