Bitter ex in car tyres revenge torment

9th February 2012

A bitter father who took the drastic step of repeatedly slashing his ex-partner's car tyres has been jailed for five months in Scotland.

Simon McLean was embroiled in a bitter court case with Amy Sorley when the incident occurred, according to reports from the Scottish Sun.

Mr McLean took the extreme step to damage his former partner's tyres after the pair fell out over his child support payments.

Ms Sorley was embroiled in the court case, which focused on his access to their daughter, when the attacks on her car began.

The 25-year-old from Stanley in Perthshire waited until she parked her car, a VW Golf, for the night before vandalising it.

On each occasion, he opted to shred all of her cars, even go to the extreme lengths of damaging the tyres on her mother's car.

Once Amy replaced the compounds with new tyres, he then struck again, with a further attack coming weeks later.

Standing before a Perth Sheriff Court Mr McLean admitted to the offence and was subsequently jailed for a total of five months.

Tyre slashing is an increasingly common crime across the UK, one criminal in Bournemouth was jailed back in 2003 after slashing 1,700 compounds.

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