BMW responsible for Olympic torch success

BMW responsible for Olympic torch success 15th June 2012

German automaker BMW has revealed the integral role it played alongside Daley Thompson in ensuring the Olympic Flame remains lit on its tour of the UK.

The past few weeks have seen overcast skies, strong winds and torrential rain across much of the UK, as we prepare for another summer of sporadic sunshine.

With certain periods of the past few months seeing frequent downpours though, some Olympics fans were no doubt concerned at the plight of the Games' most important symbol – the torch.

Fortunately, it would appear that such events have been taken into consideration, with BMW revealing that testing on the flame has been ongoing, with the aim of ensuring it survives the elements.

The German firm was recruited to test the torch in its special development wind tunnel in Munich, with researchers calling on a volunteer with experience of challenging conditions on track and field to help them out.

That person was British Olympic gold medallist Thompson who agreed to hold the torch while being buffeted by strong winds and plenty of water.

Fortunately, the athlete and the flame proved up to the task, though BMW board member for sales and marketing Ian Robertson admitted the star had been through the mill.

"Daley was absolutely soaked and so was the torch," he said.

"We never thought it would be put to the test so literally on the road in the UK, though."

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Posted by Danielle Barge