Brake backs Wiggins safety appeal

3rd August 2012

Brake has echoed the appeal from Olympic gold medallist Bradley Wiggins, who wants more to be done to make cycling on UK roads safer.

The Tour de France winner called for more "give-and-take" between motorist and bike users following the death of a 28-year-old cyclist who was run over by a coach near the Olympic Velodrome.

In the wake of these comments, the road safety charity is campaigning for the introduction of a set of new measures it hopes will provide more protection for pedestrians and cyclists.

Among the proposals put forward by Brake is the introduction of 20mph speed limits in towns and cities with even lower limits on rural roads. It believes that doing this will give drivers more time to react to other road users and thus avoid collisions.

The group wants more traffic-free and segregated cycle paths with improvements on key commuter routes.

Brake is also calling for safe pavements, crossings and footpaths in community areas.

Julie Townsend, Brake deputy chief executive, said: "We are appealing to government and local authorities to give greater priority and investment to enabling people to walk and cycle in their own communities without their lives being endangered.

"If we are to encourage more active and sustainable lifestyles, and enable more children and adults to take up sports like cycling and running, we need our streets to be more cyclist and pedestrian friendly."

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