Brake calls on cyclist to raise safety awareness

9th August 2012

Road safety charity Brake is calling on all cyclists to raise awareness of their safety on the UK roads by wearing their favourite high-visibility gear as part of a new Bright Day event later this year.

This special highway-based festival of colour is scheduled to take place as part of the group's annual Road Safety Week which is taking place in November.

Arguably the UK's flagship road safety event, Brake's theme this year is 'Slower speeds = happy people' with the charity eager to emphasise the importance of improving motorist's awareness of cyclists and walkers in local communities.

As part of this, the group is also calling on local authorities to introduce new measures that could see speed limits of 20mph introduced in these built up regions.

Brake deputy chief executive Julie Townsend said: “People should be able to walk and cycle without their lives being endangered by traffic.

"We’ll be calling on authorities to do more to protect people on foot and bike, and calling on drivers to make a difference by slowing down."

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