Brake calls on government to give priority to road safety

18th July 2012

Independent road safety charity Brake has called for action from the government, following the publication of alarming road casualty figures.

The new statistics reveal that the number of road deaths and serious injuries occurring on UK highways has increased for the first time in 17 years.

Julie Townsend, deputy chief executive of Brake, admitted that the numbers made for concerning reading, with these deaths and injuries causing unimaginable suffering and placing health and emergency services under an increasing strain that is wholly preventable.

In order to reduce the numbers, Ms Townsend called for the introduction of new road safety measures in place of the dramatic cuts in funding and discarded plans for casualty reduction targets.

"We urge the government to give far greater priority to improving road safety, and show greater determination in preventing devastating and costly casualties," she said.

In particular, Brake is calling for more to be done to make roads and communities safer for walking and cycling, while also introducing a minimum learning to drive period for young motorists as part of a system of graduated licensing.

Brake is also calling on the government to drop plans for an 80mph motorway speed limit.

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