Brake cracks down on drink-driving

31st May 2013

Ahead of the summer months, road safety charity Brake is urging motorists to drive sober. Throughout beer garden and barbecue season, drink-driving becomes a serious problem and accident rates increase. To combat the problem, Brake has launched a crackdown on driving under the influence.

Police forces throughout England and Wales will enforce the month-long campaign by ramping up their roadside checks for drugs and alcohol. Last year, 83,000 drivers were breathalysed, six per cent of whom were too drunk to drive. To try and make sure drivers think twice before getting behind the wheel, police forces will raise awareness through public outreach and informative seminars.

Deputy chief executive at Brake, Julie Townsend, said: “Even very small amounts of alcohol increase your risk of crashing dramatically, yet every year thousands of drivers risk it, and too often this results in tragedy. We need everyone on board with the message that it's none for the road, and if you do risk it, you will be caught. Police will be out in force over the next month spreading the message that drink driving kills and there is no excuse for it. We're also urging the government to help end alcohol-induced carnage on our roads, and tackle confusion about what's safe and what's not, by lowering the limit to a zero tolerance level."

Every month, 23 people in the UK are killed, and 108 more are seriously injured because of drink-driving. In addition, it’s estimated that a further 65 individuals are killed every year by motorists who have been drinking but are under the legal limit. As a result, Brake is urging the government to lower the limit to 20mg alcohol per 100ml blood – effectively making it a zero tolerance policy. Research indicates that as little as 20 to 50mg of alcohol could triple a motorists’ crash risk.

Currently, England and Wales have the highest drink drive limit in all of Europe – 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood.

To maximise your safety behind the wheel, resist peer pressure – never drink and drive. In addition, maintain your vehicle to a high standard and keep your tyres in good shape to ensure you’re always in complete control of your car.

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