Brake keen to raise awareness of impaired motorists

22nd July 2013

Road safety charity Brake is set to hold a seminar in September focusing on the issue of people driving while impaired through fatigue, poor eyesight or while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The charity is hosting the Fit to drive conference, which will be sponsored by Drager, to help them tackle these safety issues, as motorists continuing to drive while impaired in any way can cause serious or fatal accidents.

Despite the awareness of the impact driving under the influence of drink or drugs can have, the charity revealed that the practice is still an issue, with more than eight per cent of 2011's road deaths caused by drivers impaired by alcohol.

The organisation has argued that driver fatigue and poor eyesight are also "devastating risks" to motorists and other road users, which could be easily eliminated by changing attitudes and behaviours.

Ellie Pearson, senior professional engagement officer at Brake, said: "Impaired driving, whether through drink and drugs, fatigue, or poor eyesight, poses a huge risk to the lives of all road users."

Posted by Impaired drivers can cause serious collisions.