Brake renew calls for a lighter day

23rd March 2012

Road safety charity Brake has renewed its calls for the government to make it "lighter later" by putting the clocks forward by an hour all-year-round.

They believe that the change would see less daylight hours lost in the early hours of the day, when most people have yet to begin using the road network.

It would also reduce the amount of dark afternoon and evening time accidents when pedestrians and cyclists are at an increased risk to cars.

With nighttime also proving the most common time for collisions and accidents, motorists could also see reduced costs with fewer tyres and bits of bodywork damaged.

The campaign has already gained notable support with 26,300 people writing to MPs in support of the initiative.

A Daylight Saving Bill, which would have forced the government into action, ran out of time back in January, despite widespread support.

However, Brake is now calling for the public to lend their support to the campaign in a bid to force changes.

Julie Townsend, Brake deputy chief executive, said: “Brake is urging the government to put the clocks forward by an hour throughout the year, to make the evenings lighter and our communities safer, happier places."

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