Brake wants motoring fines increased for crashes

5th July 2012

Road safety charity Brake has launched a new campaign calling for the government to increase motoring fines for reckless drivers involved in road crashes that result in serious injuries.

The appeal was launched yesterday (July 4th) by the group, with support from Leigh Day and Co solicitors and some of the families whose lives have been altered by these collisions.

Brake believes that the additional income from these fines should go towards improving the support for families who have to deal with the consequences of crashes.

The group has called for action, noting that many victims have been long-neglected by government funding, resulting in a lack of comprehensive support across the UK.

Deputy chief executive Julie Townsend said: "The government is planning to increase fines for law-breaking, dangerous drivers; these funds should be ploughed into developing comprehensive support that's available to all serious crash victims, to help these families cope with the terrible circumstances they find themselves in." 

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