Braking properly can ‘improve fuel economy’

24th October 2011

UK motorists looking to improve their fuel economy should learn how to brake efficiently, it has been claimed.

Simon Elstow, driver training specialist at the Institute of Advanced Motorists' (IAM) Drive & Survive programme, expressed his belief that drivers should use their brakes less to save fuel.

"Braking is a skill that needs practice – do it properly and you'll improve fuel consumption and journey times," he said.

"If you prepare in time, and look further down the road, you can avoid stopping as often – for example, look ahead and plan to meet a gap in the traffic on a roundabout."

IAM Drive & Survive has released a number of tips to help Britons brake efficiently, such as avoiding braking on a corner which unbalances a car.

Drivers should also ensure that they do not underestimate their stopping distance, with cars travelling at 70mph taking 96m to reach a standstill. 

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