British driver breaks parallel parking world record

British driver breaks parallel parking world record 2nd February 2015

Parallel parking is the bane of most young drivers' lives. One of the most difficult of the key manoeuvres required as part of the driving test, it has become a favourite with instructors the world over. 

One British driver doesn't have quite the same aversion to this skill as most others, however, after he recently smashed the world record for parallel parking, squeezing his car into a space that was only a few centimetres bigger than the vehicle itself. 

Stunt driver Alastair Moffatt managed to somehow park his standard Fiat 500 1.2 Cult in a space that was only 7.5 centimetres longer than the car. This allowed him to break the previous record that was set by Chinese stunt driver Han Yue as recently as November by the margin of only 0.5 centimetres. 

Mr Moffatt, who is a stunt-driving instructor himself, managed to break the record as part of a display being carried out at the Birmingham NEC for the 2015 Autosport International Racing Car Show. He also previously held the same record when he parked a vehicle in a space that had just 8.6 centimetres of clearance. 

On becoming the world's best parallel parker for the third time, Mr Moffatt said “It’s wonderful to have my record back!"

And although the spotlight of the NEC may have faded for now, Mr Moffatt won't have to give up stunt driving for too long, as he returns to teaching aspiring record holders how to emulate his feat, as well as learning how to drive on two wheels and carrying out reverse spins. 

It's all fun and games for Mr Moffatt, of course, but the importance of learning how to properly park as part of an extensive driving course should not be overlooked. British drivers are well advised to take on a Pass Plus scheme so that they not only know how to drive, but also how to maintain and take care of their car so they know it is roadworthy. 

Posted by Danielle Barge