British driving licences to feature UK flag

22nd June 2012

Prime minister David Cameron has revealed that from 2015 all new driving licences will feature a British flag symbol alongside the standard European Union (EU) one.

The change represents a major victory for the coalition leader, who has long opposed the presence of the blue-and-gold flag of the EU as the kind of Brussels interference firmly resented by British drivers.

"I think people do find the endless – as Douglas Hurd put it – European interference in the nooks and crannies of daily life infuriating," Mr Cameron said.

"They know that our flag is the Union Jack and not the EU flag."

His changes will mean that licenses feature the Union flag, Royal crest or even both for the first time in 17 years of driving.

Set to come into place from 2015, the new symbols will feature on the card designs that are set to feature special microchips which will store information such as addresses.

These new cards will have to be renewed every ten years, with all UK motorists required to possess them by 2025.

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