Brits show good negotiating skills when buying cars

8th November 2012

Buying a car can be a tense business, but it seems that Brits have haggling down to a fine art.

Research conducted by Auto Trader has shown that drivers in the UK are able to negotiate an average of £939 from the asking price, with men managing to save £1,029 and women £706.

Some 60 per cent of buyers questioned said they had paid less than the advertised price.

Group director of Auto Trader Nathan Coe suggested that it is currently a buyer's market, although he warned that it "is starting to turn, so buyers should not be complacent".

His advice is for buyers to "do their homework" if they're hoping to secure the best deal. 

"It's advisable to research the price and specifications of cars online ahead of making a purchase so buyers are armed with the knowledge and confidence that enables them to make more informed decisions," he said.

Potential buyers may be interested to hear that Vauxhall dealers will now be offering extended warranty packages on vehicles up to seven years old.

The deal is only available on cars which have clocked up less than 70,000 miles.

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