Call for bans for drivers who use mobiles at the wheel

Call for bans for drivers who use mobiles at the wheel 6th May 2015

The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) wants to see harsher penalties in place for those drivers who repeatedly use a mobile phone at the wheel.

At the moment, anyone who is caught using a device while driving is hit with a fine of £100 and has three penalty points added to their licence. However, according to ACPO's spokeswoman Suzette Davenport, harsher penalties should be put in place for those who fail to stop after being caught once. 

Mobile devices are becoming all the more common in cars these days, with smartphones, tablets and the growing market for smartwatches meaning there are more potential distractions than ever in vehicles. 

Miss Davenport, who speaks on roads policing for ACPO, said: "My view is that if someone is caught twice using a mobile phone within a period of time we should be considering things like disqualifications for short periods of time. 

“I believe if we don’t do something fundamentally different we are going to have lost this."

And with the election just a few days away, could British drivers soon be facing harsher penalties. In the last few months, the previous government was keen to point out that it had plans to introduce a new more stringent plan to stop people from using their smartphones and other devices at the wheel. 

Roads minister Robert Goodwill has said previously that if his party should get back into power, there are plans to make sure that the penalty for using a mobile device at the wheel is raised from three to six points, which would mean anyone caught twice would be banned from driving.

And with pressure coming from a number of different road charities for the new government to really put a focus on making sure road safety is addressed, we may well see a change in the law very soon. 

Posted by Danielle Barge