Campaign for Better Tyres to target public sector fleets

17th January 2012

Charity Environmental Protection UK  is set to enter the second phase of its Campaign for Better Tyres, with a focus on public sector fleet vehicles.

According to reports from fleetworldgroup, the organisation will use freedom of information requests to investigate public sector policy on tyres among fleets.

Any of these groups whose tyre practices are deemed not up to scratch by the charity will then face pressure to make significant improvements.

The campaign calls for drivers to ensure tyres are correctly inflated with the right amount of tyre tread depth and the correct wheel alignment.

Speaking on its website, the Campaign for Better Tyres predicted that all vehicles will eventually have nowhere to hide when it comes to ensuring compounds are correctly maintained.

"From November 2012 it will be easy to buy better tyres because new EU regulations will come into force setting stricter standards for tyre performance", it says.

The website notes that this will also require "all tyres to be labelled at point of sale with information on wet grip, fuel efficiency and rolling noise".

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