Check tyre tread and pressure before hitting the road this winter

23rd November 2011

UK drivers have been urged to check the tread and depth of their car tyres before embarking on any journeys this winter.

James Carnduff from car and home insurance firm Admiral revealed that the company's claims department works overtime during the cold season as British mtorists struggle to cope with the difficult driving conditions.

He said: "Road users' tyres maybe do not have enough tread on them for the winter months, are maybe not pumped up sufficiently, and all these things come together and increase the potential for claims as the result of accidents, as well as deaths.

"Drivers need to make sure they are as aware as they possibly can be."

Mr Carnduff added that the rise in accidents could also be attributed to the fact pedestrians do not make themselves as visible as possible during the winter.

More than 18,000 road accidents were caused by snow or ice last year, according to the Department for Transport's Road Accidents and Safety Annual Report 2010. 

Posted by Danielle Barge