Check tyres to avoid a summer slip

17th June 2013

While the British summer time is known for its temperamental weather, last year was the wettest on record and this year could easily turn into a washout before we know it.

Not only does the rain dampen our spirits, it causes havoc on the road. Just when you think you're safe from slips and skids, a bout of rain comes along and you could find your vehicle out of control.

It is important to remember that aquaplaning is a year round threat. If a layer of water builds up between the tyre and road surface, you could soon lose traction and steering control.

Risk is heightened if tyres are worn close to or below the legal limit of 1.6mm. The greater the tread depth, the less likely it is you'll aquaplane.

Here are a few tips to ensure your tyres are up to the challenge this summer.

Check pressure

Your vehicle handbook will contain information about the ideal pressure your tyres need to be. Ensure they remain at this level, only adjusting if you carrying an additional load.

If the pressure falls below the recommended level, your stopping distance will be increased, your grip compromised and your fuel consumption put through the roof.

Monitor tread depth

If your tread depth falls below 1.6mm across three quarters of the width of the tyre, you will be placed at a greater risk of aquaplaning.

After a harsh winter, chances are your tyres will have been worn down so it is important to constantly monitor the tread throughout the year.

If you're switching back to summer tyres, give them a once over before fitting to make sure they are still good to go.

Question condition and age

If your tread and depth is on point, it doesn't necessarily mean your tyres are in good condition. Stones and other debris stuck in the tread can cause problems, so be sure to give them a good clean.

Uneven wear can also cause a problem for balance, sending vibrations up through the steering. Remember, if a tyre is more than eight years old, it should be replaced.

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Posted by Danielle Barge