Check your policy, warns Warranty Direct

10th July 2012

Warranty Direct managing director Duncan McClure Fisher has urged motorists to carefully examine the warranty deal provided with the purchase of a new car, with many proving too good to be true.

According to the warranty specialist, in many instances, these free deals can prove worthless when encountering problems with brakes or even exhaust systems among other serious technical faults.

He warned that many direct-to-consumer deals featured significant gaps and loopholes designed to ensure that, in the majority of instances, the driver remains liable.

"Manufacturers which offer longer policies, usually between four and seven years, often won’t cover wear & tear items or cars that overheat and the protection can tail off after three years, meaning drivers could discover that they’re liable for the cost of repairs," he explained.

The warranty expert also urged drivers to stay particularly weary of any warranty deal provided with the purchase of a used car, with many of the current deals proving "patchy to say the least", according to the motoring expert.

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