Check your tyres ahead of the winter months

19th September 2011

Motorists have been urged to check their tyres and ensure they are fully prepared for the winter season.

Ahead of Tyre Safety Month, vehicle lighting and electricals retailer Ring Automotive has highlighted the importance of carrying out regular tyre safety checks.

For those who do not feel comfortable checking their tyres themselves, most garages will offer such checks.

Some of the things to consider are that you have the correct tyre pressure, that your treads have enough depth and have not become too worn, and that the general condition of the tyres is good.

If you discover that your tyres are too worn, then you will be able to save money if you buy tyres online.

As well as wearing unevenly, under-inflated tyres will also increase the risk of having an accident, adversely affecting handling and also having a negative impact on fuel consumption.

They can also overheat under the weight of a vehicle, which will increase stress in the tyre and can ultimately cause a dangerous blowout.

The correct tyre pressure for a vehicle can be found in the handbook.

Posted by Danielle Barge