Clean-it-yourself: Brits slash home car wash services to save money

12th September 2012

A quarter of British drivers have cancelled or cut back on home car washing services, according to a new AA poll.

A study of 'cash in hand' home and support services found one in three UK adults (32 per cent) have reduced or scrapped entirely one or more services carried out in their home compared with two years ago.

Of the 2,031 adults quizzed, 26 per cent stated they had cut out the expense of paying someone to wash their car at home, suggesting nearly three-and-a-half million motorists are leaving their wheels dirty or getting their hands soapy themselves.

Cleaning your car is an important part of good vehicle maintenance, preserving the vehicle's bodywork and also providing drivers with an opportunity to notice serious problems like damaged or worn tyres or exhausts that need TLC. 

Polishing and waxing your vehicle will ensure it shines and the paintwork is protected, while performing regular maintenance checks will increase your familiarity with your machine and its unique features and imperfections.

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