Commuters call for safer roads to encourage cycling

2nd May 2012

New research conducted by road safety charity Brake has revealed that a significant proportion of commuters would favour cycling to work, if roads were made safer.

According to a survey of 1,550 commuters, 35 per cent said they would switch their usual drive to work for a cycling one if the roads were less dangerous.

A further 46 per cent said they would also be eager to make local journeys by bike if roads were safer too. The study was conducted as part of a new campaign aimed at encouraging more people to cycle.

Just ten per cent of those questioned currently use their bike as a main form of transport, with those behind the campaign eager to add to that number.

Brake deputy chief executive Julie Townsend praised the new government-backed initiative to encourage green transport but added that more needed to be done to ensure roads were safe for cycling.

"Widespread 20mph limits and cycle paths where people live and work would encourage more people to cycle, without their lives being threatened by fast traffic," she said.

The campaign is calling for the introduction of 20mph speed limits in communities, with drivers urged to stay vigilant of these road users at all times.

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