Company car owners not aware of maintenance responsibilities

Company car owners not aware of maintenance responsibilities 21st July 2015

Less than half of employees who drive company cars are aware of their responsibilities when it comes to maintaining and repairing their vehicles, a new study has discovered. 

According to a survey of company car drivers from around the UK, just 42 per cent realise that they are responsible for having the car fully serviced, maintained and repaired when need be, as well as having new tyres fitted and any other general upkeep tasks. 

Some 58 per cent believe that because it is their employer's vehicle, the company is responsible for the maintenance of the car. This includes having the vehicle serviced and having an MOT carried out, even though the employees themselves are accountable if these are not done. 

Gil Kelly, operations director at Venson said fleet managers and companies around the UK who offer their employees a company car need to be aware of the fact that many do not know their responsibilities, and make sure that they are relaying this information to their staff. 

Making sure employees are aware is important for companies, because cars that are not serviced are often returned in a condition that leaves the firm facing a large repair bill. By making sure everyone is aware of what they are required to do, companies can mitigate against this risk and make savings in the long run. 

"By encouraging regular maintenance checks, businesses can identify issues early. This should include pre-collection inspections, prior to the end of a contract, to allow any damage to be identified and rectified," said Ms Kelly. 

"By going into a lease with a clear understanding of the procedures regarding damage and making them clear to their drivers, businesses can stay on top of damage and/or maintenance issues, as they happen.”

Posted by Danielle Barge