Concept tyre ‘glows when it needs replacing’

5th February 2013

Two award-winning designers have developed a new type of tyre which changes colour to indicate when it needs replacing.

Red Dot concept design award winners Gao Fenglin and Zhou Buyi are the brains behind the Discolor Tyre – a product which could substantially alter how drivers pursue vehicle maintenance in the future.

The product looks and functions just like any standard rubber compound tyre, but stands out for the fact that it includes a layer of bright orange rubber which sits beneath the device's conventional black top layer.

Once the tread of the tyre has worn through to a particular depth, the bright under-layer will begin to appear to the naked eye.

As such, Fenglin and Buyi are confident that more drivers will refrain from driving on tyres at dangerous tread depth levels, while the design should better detect even the most minor of insidious tears or leaks.

On top of this, the two designers believe that their Discolor Tyre is able to journey for at least 12,000 miles before the orange hue begins to shine through.

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Posted by Danielle Barge