Continental to launch new range of smart tyres

15th April 2013

In a revolutionary initiative, Continental are installing intelligent sensors on tyre treads. The new sensors, called Conti PressureCheck, are designed to increase drivers’ safety and increase fuel efficiency.

The sensors will be installed on the inside of tyre treads, equipped with electronics that will identify how large the ground contact patch is. This information will then be used to calculate the payload – the greater the load weight, the larger the contact patch is.

Andreas Wolf, head of Continental’s body and security business unit, said: “In the past, it was more or less up to drivers to guesstimate to the best of their abilities whether or not the maximum permitted payload of a car had already been reached”. Continental’s implementation of sensor-equipped tyres will change all that.

Continental’s Conti Coach, Conti CityPlus, Conti EcoPlus HT3, and Conti Urban ranges feature the intelligent sensors and are set to launch in June. The Conti range covers all axles and fitments.

Intelligent sensors will help prevent premature wear of tyres and chassis components, improper handling and resolve many traction issues. In the future, cars fitted with sensor tyres will inform the driver when and if the payload exceeds the maximum limit. Motorists will also be informed if tyre pressure needs adjusting.

Mr Wolf stressed the importance of correct tyre pressure: “A large part of the excess weight puts the outer tread of the tyre – the tyre shoulder – under strain. This compromises optimum grip”.

Smartphones will soon allow drivers to calculate optimal tyre pressure, using the Filling Assistant app, currently in development. The app will use a gauge to signal to the user when correct pressure has been reached.

Arthur Gregg, Continental’s commercial sales and marketing director, said: “Over 90 per cent of roadside tyre failures start with a puncture or pressure change. By identifying a failure early you can prevent punctures, and the impact of breakdowns… Conti PressureCheck helps you run at the best pressure, and get the best fuel economy and tread life”.

Conti PressureCheck tyres are dearer than other ranges, but Mr Gregg said that although there is a greater upfront cost, motorists will save more in the long run.

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