Continental unveils details about new tyre range

17th February 2012

Continental has unveiled details about its new tyres, which are part of the new Conti.e.Contact range.

According to Continental, the tyres, which are designed for electric and hybrid vehicles, offer rolling resistance levels that are 30 per cent lower than those offered by conventional tyres, reports Tyrepress.

The company said that the lower levels of resistance were achieved by using an unusually larger tyre diameter, which reduces deformation when entering the contact patch. 

Conti.e.Contact tyres have also been designed in such a way that their sidewalls lose less energy when tyres rebound and deflect.

Moreover, the thread of Conti.e.Contact tyres have been optimised for low noise emission and safe breaking distances on wet surfaces.

The very flat contour is reported to prevent the belt elements in the tyre from further movement, which helps to reduce rolling distance even more.

Conti.e.Contact tyres are being produced in Continental's factory in Korbach, Germany and have been developed with some of the leading car manufacturers in Europe.

Posted by Danielle Barge