Cooper Tire Europe overhauls its marketing strategy

19th February 2013

Highly successful tyre manufacturer Cooper Tire and Rubber Company Europe has announced that it has opted to overhaul its marketing strategy for the territory.

Following more than a century of experience in the motoring industry, the firm has established itself as one of the top 4×4 tyre manufacturers across the globe.

However, Cooper Tire Europe has chosen 2013 as the year in which the company will begin to set out an in-depth sales and marketing strategy for its ultra-high performance (UHP) car ranges around Europe.

The scheme aims to see the manufacturer increasing its brand awareness among the 18 to 35-year-old male demographic and will also witness the firm launch its first-ever European consumer lifestyle advertising campaign.

One of the main points coming from the sales and marketing strategy will be the fact that Cooper Tire Europe will release a series of placements on the inside back cover of well-known men's lifestyle magazine FHM.

This collection of advertisings will utilise the tyre brand's impressive presence on the international motorsport scene, with prints said to reflect the drama and power associated with the European Rallycross Championship series.

Other adverts in the publication will provide effective nods toward the tuning scene, which is particularly popular with the young male demographic.

Sarah McRoberts, the marketing communications manager at Cooper Tire Europe, commented: "The decision to advertise with FHM – a top-tier lifestyle magazine – is part of this wider strategy change.

"We've secured a great position in the magazine and we're confident that the adverts, combined with our other planned activities, will have the desired effect."

Those in the UK can see the first full-page advert from Cooper Tire Europe when it is published in the April edition of FHM, which hits newsstands on March 7th.

As touched on, another strand of Cooper Tire Europe's thorough sales and marketing strategy will be to complement its already established presence in the European motorsport scene.

Seen as a crucial hook for the targeted UHP market, the manufacturer will highlight to the world how it has been the title sponsor and sole supplier for the British Formula 3 Championship since 2009 and also played a vital part in the recent success of the FIA European Rallycross Championship series.

Ms McRoberts added: "Our decision to look into more targeted activations – be it advertising, marketing, or brand partnership – is a result of our continued push to raise consumer awareness of the Cooper brand in the UK and Europe.

"We identified 18 to 35-year-olds to be our key target audience for performance products and we are currently assessing a number of options to bring the Cooper name to this age bracket."

Looking ahead, Cooper Tire Europe has also announced that it is actively pursuing a variety of new brand partnership opportunities, which should be suitable for placing the manufacturer closer to the forefront of its new target market.

Despite all of this though, Ms McRoberts was also keen to stress to its already loyal customers: "Our move to consumer advertising in 2013 is in no way a move away from trade advertising, which continues to be key to our advertising strategy."

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Posted by Danielle Barge