Could a vibrating steering wheel be the future of vehicular safety?

Could a vibrating steering wheel be the future of vehicular safety? 29th May 2015

Road safety has been a key issue in the last few weeks, with many charities and motoring companies urging the new government to make the most of its powers to make sure it is safe to drive in the UK. However, one company has taken safety into its own hands, designing a new innovative product that it believes could be the future of safety on the roads. 

One of the major problems identified on British roads in recent times has been that of drivers being easily distracted. The Institute of Advanced Motorists recently said that the rise of technology built into vehicles, while making life easier for drivers, has made it harder for people to concentrate on the road as they should be. 

However, Cambridge-based ARM Holdings believes it has the solution to this, in the shape of its new system that employs a vibrating steering wheel to alert drivers and make sure they are paying attention to the road. 

ARM vice-president Richard York said the invention is still in the early stages of development, but he believes it could go a long way to making sure roads across the UK are a safer place for people to drive. 

The device the company has looked into would see sensors fitted to the rear view mirror of cars which are able to track the eye movements of the driver. It looks at the blink rate in particular, which can indicate if the driver is drowsy or is not paying attention to the road. 

In these cases, the steering wheel would vibrate to simply bring the driver's attention back to the task at hand, meaning they will be more aware of what is going on around them. 

Posted by Danielle Barge